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“If we do not root ourselves in others’ hearts, / our lives are spent on the periphery.” - Averill Curdy

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  • Jenny Offill

    I first read The Dream Songs when I was nineteen. I had that intuition you get sometimes when you pull a book off the shelf that it might be the one you are meant to read. I don’t know what drew me to it. Maybe it was the strangeness of its cover (black, white, green and pink); maybe it was the unabashed lyricism of the title. It was a used book and I remember thinking it was heartbreaking that someone had given it away. I thought this because there was an inscription on the front flap that said: For sweets, from Eric.

  • Catherine Lacey

    I was 19 when I met John. If that sounds overly personal, that’s because it is.

    He’d been dead thirty years by then and though he remains dead to this day I still feel, somewhat inexplicably, that I knew him, that I still know him. Something of Berryman has escaped his work and continues to haunt me.

  • Rowan Ricardo Phillips

    The incandescent temperament of Berryman’s poetry strikes the page bright and cold like the bioluminescence that seeks its way out from the lower abdomen of a firefly. He pored over his poems obsessively with the zeal of the scholar and yet they seem the residue of animal instinct, the flotsam of barely controlled explosions of his tumultuous inner self.

  • “We narrate our lives as we live them, making sense of the chaos by organizing our experiences.”

    Nelly Reifler

  • “I want to be honest with readers, that is my pact with them.”

    Jonathan Franzen

  • “Don’t go to events; go to the receptions after the events. If possible, skip the receptions and go to the afterparties, where you can have a real conversation with someone.”

    Sarah Manguso

  • “Sip your coffee in the warm glow of first light. This is not writing. This is the idea of writing. Go back to bed.”

    Aaron Hirsh

  • “I really do believe literary fiction as a genre is more backward- than forward-looking. I suspect it believes in inevitability more than contingency. I fear it prefers memories to plans.”

    Robin Sloan

  • “My joy is the joy of the Trickster. It’s the joy of Loki. It’s the joy of the Coyote, because I know it’s an unstable system, and it will be overthrown, no matter how majestic it is.”


  • “Americans continue to visit Paris not just for Paris, but for ‘Paris.’ As if out of some collective nostalgia for what Paris should be, more than what it is. For someone else’s memories.”

    Rosecrans Baldwin